I am thrilled to introduce my latest side project: Firgun, a Slack bot that enhances your LinkedIn engagement experience without disrupting your workflow.

What is Firgun?

Firgun is a Slack bot designed to facilitate seamless LinkedIn interactions directly within Slack. When a LinkedIn link is posted in a Slack channel, Firgun detects it and provides an option to engage with the post - right from Slack. This eliminates the need to switch between applications, helping to maintain workflow while staying active on LinkedIn.

Development Journey

Building the Slack Workflow

The core functionality of Firgun revolves around the Slack Workflow Apps platform. This platform enables the creation of custom workflows that can automate tasks and integrate with external services.

Challenges and Solutions

During the development process, I encountered a few bugs within the Slack Workflow Apps platform.. The support from the Slack team was invaluable—they were prompt and thorough in addressing each issue, ensuring that the development process remained smooth.

Documentation and Community Support

One of the standout aspects of working on this project was the quality of Slack’s documentation. It is clear, comprehensive, and easy to navigate, which significantly accelerated the development process. Additionally, the community support around Slack and Deno is robust, providing a wealth of resources and examples to draw from.

Open Source and Future Plans

Firgun is open source and available for the community to download, fork, and contribute to on GitHub. I believe in the power of community collaboration and am excited to see how others can enhance and expand Firgun’s capabilities. You can find the project on GitHub.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue refining Firgun, adding new features, and improving its performance. Some of the potential future enhancements include:

•	Integrating additional social media platforms.
•	Adding more customizable workflow options.
•	Improving the user experience for easier interaction.


Building Firgun has been an exciting journey filled with learning and problem-solving. The combination of Slack’s powerful API, Deno’s modern runtime, and the supportive developer community made this project a rewarding experience. I’m eager to see how Firgun can benefit others and look forward to ongoing collaboration and feedback.

Feel free to connect and share your thoughts. I’m always open to feedback and collaboration!