Recently I bought a new Mac Mini with the M1 chip (boy how can this be so f-a-s-t), and I wanted to start fresh, and so it’s just about time I wrote this little guide.

After installing some of my favorite programs, I tackled head-on the notorious installation of LaTeX with support for Hebrew.
I’m using MacTeX, and LyX.
In order to add Hebrew support, I downloaded the Culmus hebrew fonts (the gz file for OpenBSD), and installed (directly into Font Book) the David, Miriam and Simple fonts.
I compile using XeTeX, which supports Unicode.
My font settings are David CLM for Roman, Simple CLM for Sans Serif, Miriam CLM for Typewriter and Class Default for Math. Check out the following picture for more details (this can be found under Document➡️Settings...) settings

Further guides can be found here (I personally recommend the guide by Michael Kelly).